UV-curing is becoming increasingly popular in the field of domestic sewer rehabilitation.
While translucent glass liners are used for large nominal diameters, they can only be used to a very limited extent in small nominal diameters due to bends and dimensional changes.

After two years of development, we are pleased to present the lineTEC ProFlex S UV, a felt liner made of the new PES UVx10 fiber. Compared to standard fibers, the PES UVx10 has up to 10 times higher light transmission according to DIN EN 410 in the wavelength range from 250nm to 600nm.

The lineTEC ProFlex S UV is available in two versions with 4.5mm and 5.1mm wall thickness.

10x brighter – much faster!

  • Felt liner especially for UV curing
  • For small & medium nominal diameters
  • Bendable up to 90°
  • New PES UVx10 fiber for 10 x higher light transmission with the same elongation and processing properties*
  • Safe, fast curing at up to >1m/min tensile speed**
  • Two core variants with 4.5mm and 5.1mm felt wall thicknesses


*Compared to standard polyester fibers according to DIN EN410
**With light-curing resin systems