Pipe liners have established themselves in the rehabilitation of large-diameter sewer pipes. Long-winded construction sites, traffic obstructions and cost-intensive rehabilitation measures, which have to be taken into account when replacing the pipes in open construction, are not to be expected when rehabilitating with pipe liners.

lineTEC offers a complete range of liners and resins for the rehabilitation of main sewers. We produce the SP liners as XF liners (eXtra Flexible) for pipes with bends up to 30° or as eXtra Stable XS liners. If particularly high stability combined with low wall thickness is required, we offer the lineTEC Hybrid glass felt liner, which can also be used to renovate bends up to 30° or large radii up to 90°. As a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, we also produce special designs such as dimension changes or egg profiles. You are welcome to send us plans and drawings to plan a project together with us.