Liner impregnation

During impregnation, the resin is worked into the liner’s textile and the liner is rolled to the desired wall thickness. The tightness and wall thickness of the liner are significantly influenced by impregnation. Optimum results are achieved with counter-rotating rolls, which allow uniform impregnation g of the liner from both sides. To avoid air pockets, impregnation should be carried out under vacuum.
lineTEC offers professional impregnation systems and vacuum pumps for optimal and gentle impregnation of the liners.


mobile electric impregnation plant up to DN 300

E-Roller 450
Weight: 19.4 kg
Dimensions: 650x200x360mm
Capacity: max. DN 150

E-Roller 600
Weight: 21.6 kg
Dimensions: 790x200x360mm
Capacity: max. DN 300

• 2 counter-rotating driven rollers with grip coating
• Infinitely variable distance adjustment with digital display
• Adjustable speed with direction switch and foot switch
• Quick-release table attachment for simple
• Safety limit pressure between rollers, safety covers in both rollers
+ Emergency stop
• 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 2.1 A

Manual impregnation unit